Introduction to Field Surival for Special Security Agents Winter FTX 2018

  • Introduction to Close Quarter Battle
  • Advanced Close Quarter Battle
  • Introducition to Field Survival
  • Extreme Field Survival
  • Improvised/Unusual Weapons

Be trained by US Special Forces personnel in special tactics

used by some of the world's most elite units and by US special forces personnel including Navy SEALs.

This training is offered only to Active LEO's, Active Military/Reserves and Licensed Security Guards.

  • Active Shooter Resonse
  • Basic Pistol
  • Advanced Pistol
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Basic Rifle
  • Advanced Carbine

  • Room Clearing
  • Building Clearing
  • Introduction to Working with K-9
  • Vehicle Defense
  • Defending a Building

Using only items contained on your person, the natural environment, and in one bugout bag learn the following tasks:

  • How to set up an emergency winter shelter.
  • How to find North using the sun and the natural environment three different ways.
  • How to start a contained fire without benefit of matches or  lighter at least three different ways.
  • How and where to hide your vehicle and your shelter.
  • How to use different emergency survival equipment including emergency AM/FM/Shortwave receivers powered by the sun or crank that can also power up other equipment including laptops or cellphones.
  • How to trap small game for survivial using two different snares.
  • How to make a rope lader.

​​ Tactical Training