​​​After we train you we offer FREE assistance in getting your license and with getting a job all year round!  Check around and you will find that we are the only school that does this!

We also offer help with career and educational development

through our exclusive student services!

This service is FREE and only for our family of students!

  • We work with major private companies, government agencies and other proprietary entities to place our students all year round.  We even have our own free job fairs!

Advanced Certifications too!

  • In addition we help our students with  career development including networking and getting higher security and tactical related certifications that can help keep themselves and those that they protect safe. These certifications also can allow you to earn them more money!

  • And we provide our students with educational development assistance including on how you can fast track your free or affordable college degree in New York State through SUNY or CUNY! 

  • In addition, we will help yousteer clear of the many scams offered out there by unscrupulous entities that are designed to drain your pockets and your bank account for up to thousands of dollars!

WE are here seven days a week to help you succeed! All you have to do is remain a member of our FREE student association!

That is why we say  . . .

There is only ONE Alliance Group Affiliates!

Often (partly) imitated by others but NEVER duplicated!

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security guard school job placement

Security Guard Jobs and Careers


   *If you can:

  • Follow instructions.

  • Be patient.

  • Be reliable.

  • Be honest.  

  • Be dedicated.

  • Stay in touch with us after your training

  • Are willing to work hard.

   Then we may be able to help you earn even more in the  

    advanced levels of the vast and growing field of security.

 We offer even more than that!

get a security guard job

As a licensed security guard (unarmed) you can make between $10- $20 an hour or more. As an armed security guard you can make up to $30 an hour or more depending on your certifications and experience.