Long Island and NYC's Premier
Security Training School!

Coach Craig Gibson

Self Defense Tactics and Boxing Coach

  • Trainer of many world champions and gold medalists including Riddick Bowe, Aaron Pryor, Trevor Berbick, Mike McCullum, Livingstone Bramble, John Meekins and four-time Golden Glove champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Howard Davis, Jr.

Gregory Bravo

Group President and School Director (Academics)

  • Police Officer and Park Ranger in NY
  • US Marshals Service Deputy
  • NYCDOC (Captain)
  • NYPD Special Units
  • US Marine Corps (Active) and US Army (Reserve) Military Police.
  • US Army Special Forces 5th SFG (Airborne)
  • US Coast Guard (Reserve)
  • Volunteer Firefighter

Thomas McKenna

Special Security Forces Tactical Instructor

  • US Army Ranger (Airborne)/75th Ranger Regiment

Stew Smith

Tactical Fitness Consultant

  • US Navy SEAL Team Commander
  • Author and National Fitness Consultant to military and government agencies.

Steve Hill

Program Development Specialist  and Certified NYS Police Instructor

  • NYS Attorney General Senior Investigator
  • Bay Constable
  • Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff

Call (631) 482-0075 or (631) 964-2787

Jay Jinks

Tactical Trainer

  • US DOE Federal Agent
  • US Army Special Forces 10th SFG (Airborne)
  • Blackwater/MVM

Gregory Heddell

Associate Director for Special Security Forces and ATFP Training/Consulting (Tactical)

  • US Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operator
  • US Navy MA (military police)
  • NYS Certified High School Teacher
  • Volunteer Firefighter

Paul Yurkiw

Homeland Security and Force Protection Consultant

  • NYPD ESU and Bomb Squad Technician

World Class Instructors

Jaimi Garbowski

K9 Training Consultant

  • US Marine Corps Military Police K9 Squad Leader and Trainer.

Joseph Dillon

Associate  Director for Executive/Dignitary Protection Training (Academics)

  • FBI Special Agent
  • Secret Service Special Agent
  • OSI Special Agent
  • USAM Federal Agent
  • US Marine Corps  Infantry Commander