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Featuring affordable and reasonable rates plusinstructors and directors from the world's most elite military and police units (FBI, Secret Service, US Navy SEALs, etc), we have been around since 1997 as a high level security consulting firm.

What You Get:

1. We offer New York State Security Guard certification training from world class instructors.

2.  We assist our students with getting their NYS security guard license.

     We even help you after you finish your classes!

     For Example:

3.  We offer our students FREE job placement into GOOD JOBS -- including  
      into government jobs -- all year round for FREE.

4.  We assist our students throughout the year with FREE career counseling
      and educational development.

5. We hold our own job fairs and seminars exclusively for our students.

6. We hold an annual Holiday Party for our students.

7. We have our own military veterans council.

8. We have our own bodyguard networking and training club for elite operators.

And we are very good at what we do. We do it all for you!

We also offer specialized courses for those who meet the prerequisites:

1. Executive Protection Training Courses (must be either former or active military or law enforcement, active fire department, certified EMT or higher medical qualification, college graduate or some other type of special license (e.g. pilot license).

2. Special Security Forces Tactical Training (must be active/former military).

3. Various Homeland Security Training including Counterterrorism, Active Shooter, and Tactical Training by real Navy SEALs, other Special Forces Personnel, and former Federal Agents.

4. Tactical Casualty Care courses by combat medics.

5. Defensive Tactics and verbal judo.

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